Make a Habit, Break a Habit

28 Day Habit Challenge

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Well, I think an extra week to make sure it sticks is a good idea. So, 28 days it is!

July 5th through August 1st. 

Making a Habit. Adding something positive into your life. This could be related to health and fitness, your personal relationships, your faith, your need to relax and unwind, or anything else you feel might enhance your day to day experiences. For me...It is exercise. 

My New Habit: Exercising in some form, every day, for 28 days. I plan to do something active for 45 minutes every day for the next four weeks. While I do get in a good amount of exercise every week, I am often inconsistent. By creating more routine in my exercise habits, I hope for this to continue past these 28 days. I know that exercise makes me feel so much better in all aspects so I am certain that it will be an easy habit to maintain. As soon as I remember how good it feels to sweat it out, I am sure this will be a breeze. Another way I hope to push through these 28 days is to mix it up. Different exercises and classes, workout partners, and changes of scenery will be helpful so I do not get bored and fall off the wagon.

Breaking a Habit. This is harder for me. It is not always easy to step back and evaluate choices we make. Why is it so hard to create good habits but the bad ones come naturally and are seemingly impossible to break? Well, I decided to focus on something that I really did not think I could do without for 28 days. I do not want to have anything in my life that I feel has that much control over me or that I can't say no to for just four weeks. Enter...Starbucks.

My Old Habit: Bye, Starbucks (for now!) Let's be clear, I am not banishing Starbucks from my life forever. It pains me to even type that. However, I want to break the habit of going their daily (sometimes twice daily...eek). It's expensive, it's not healthy, and I want to be able to enjoy it on occasion without needing it every day. I know I will struggle with this and I hope to find a healthier alternative to get my caffeine in the morning, but I am excited to challenge myself and do this! 


YOU: Are you up for the challenge? I would love for you to join me. Make a habit, break a habit, do both, whatever you choose, I would love to have you along for the ride. This is not about being strict and rigid, it is about making changes and continuing to grow as a person. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail (or comment below) what you are making, breaking and a picture  that represents this for you!


Let's go!

xoxo, Lauren