Meet the Team

Lauren Eckert and her team serve a wide range of clients who all seek similar goals: to organize their lives and realize their dreams. Through a variety of techniques and strategies, Lauren and her coaches strategize with clients to find a system of organization that suits them. 

Lauren Eckert, M.Ed

Lauren Eckert, M.Ed, is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach and a Licensed School Counselor. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education and a Master's in Education focused in School Counseling. Currently, she is taking continuing education courses in the field of counseling. She received a Life Coaching Certification from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County and a Health Coaching Certification from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Lauren has experience working as a classroom teacher (high school and middle school) and has worked in a local private school as a school counselor and director of the school's student resource program. Lauren's experience in the classroom and serving as a school counselor, gave her unique insights into the struggles that many students face academically, socially and emotionally. Lauren also has experience developing and delivering programs to students, parents, school faculty and company employees. Her passion for helping others and desire to coach people to find a sense of balance in their life by setting goals, developing a working organization system, and removing obstacles from their path, lead her to start Lauren Eckert Coaching, LLC in 2013. 


Claire Duarte, MS

Claire Duarte  graduated from University of Baltimore with a Master of Science degree in Applied Counseling Psychology. Before joining the LEC team full-time, Claire worked at a mental health agency where she served as the Treatment Plan Facilitator. Additionally, Claire has experience working as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Aide, Crisis Case Manager, and Intake Clinician. In these roles, Claire has worked directly with clients conducting one-on-one sessions, interacted with community and treatment facilities completing psychological evaluations, assessing symptomology, linking consumers to resources, following treatment plan guidelines, and promoting independence and empowerment with all consumers. Additionally, Claire has gained clinical therapy experience while completing internships throughout her master’s degree courses.  Claire continues to value health and empowerment through personal development.

Claire is skilled in helping individuals get organized, better manage their time and tasks, set and reach goals, and find a better balance in their lives. Through her work, she has assisted clients in test preparations, study skills, practicing time management, decreasing procrastination, increasing work-productivity, AP test preparations, as well as assisting students with the college application process. Claire has worked with individuals in these skill areas from grades 5th-12th, as well as individual college and adult clients. Claire has also attended various trainings on Executive Functioning skills, such as Cecily’s Advocacy Workshop - specializing in homework preparedness, study skills, and time management.


Emily Bottegal, MS

Emily Bottegal graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Science in Counseling with a concentration in school counseling.  Her career has been spent working with youth in school and community settings, ensuring students achieve academic, social-emotional, and personal success.  Emily's passion to empower all students to succeed inside and outside the classroom drove her to want to work at Lauren Eckert Coaching, LLC.  Her experience in direct service allows her to understand the challenges individuals face both academically and personally, and led her to develop lessons around time management, scheduling, study skills, and organization. 

Prior to joining the LEC team, Emily worked as a School Site Coordinator and Home-Based Counselor in the Washington, DC area. In these roles, Emily engaged directly with students through individual counseling sessions and small group interventions focused on helping students meet personal goals relating to academics and managing emotions. Most recently, Emily worked at a local nonprofit, helping secure specialized instruction and support necessary to improve educational outcomes for low-income children with learning disabilities and developmental delays. Emily coaches from a strength-based approach, and believes every student and adult has the ability to achieve success with the appropriate supports and skills in place.

Emily coaches from a strength-based approach, and believes every student and adult has the ability to achieve success with the appropriate supports and skills in place.