“We want to thank Lauren for being able to share her perspective about teens in today’s world; juggling technology, school responsibilities, extracurricular activities all while trying to learn to be independent.  Her understanding of their brain development and their day to day struggles gave us a fresh perspective on our day to day struggles as parents.  Her focus on organizational skills, tools for homework/tests and ways to keep communicating with our kids while supporting them, just to name a few, is invaluable.” - BCC’s 9th Grade Peer Parents

"Lauren Eckert worked with our daughter for five months during her junior year of high school. Lauren provided outstanding support and guidance, helping our daughter to understand and execute homework assignments and prepare for tests. She even went the extra mile and advocated for our daughter to two of her teachers. Lauren is an excellent communicator with a great deal of empathy and experience. My husband and I appreciated her weekly insightful feedback about our daughter's progress, and we are thrilled with the results- our daughter experienced less stress and got great grades!" - Laura (Client Parent)

“I can't say enough about my son's coach (via Lauren Eckert) Emily Bottegal!! She was the perfect fit. A great mix of knowledge, experience and understanding that allowed Spencer to open up to coaching and then embrace the methodology being taught so that he could organize his studies accordingly. Thanks to Emily, my son remained on the honor roll and did not have the classic "Senoritits" or "Spring Slump." We as parents also feel he is now equipped to take these important skills and apply them in college. Thank you Lauren Eckert Coaching!!” - Amy (Client Parent)

"Rebecca provided incredible support and input to our daughter's college application process. Rebecca is wonderfully talented and made sure my daughter was on track for every single part of her application. She provided really outstanding input for her essay. My daughter had an idea but was stuck after a certain point and Rebecca talked with her about all the things she loved and had her write about some other seemingly unrelated items but it all came together in a way that really captured her inner spirit! I am so happy that we found Lauren...she is providing an excellent service and I am not sure we could have gotten through it without Lauren and Rebecca." - Cathleen (Client Parent) 

"Lauren Eckert is the perfect blend of coach, tutor, counselor, and organizer. She has helped my rising senior who has ADHD and anxiety throughout high school, and she is the best adviser our family has had during our two children's school years. She is a powerful motivator, and understands how teens think, especially sensitive, creative students. She's like a "teen whisperer," because often my daughter would perform for Lauren when she would not for anyone else. Yet these powerful skills are coupled with compassion, kindness, and patience like I've never seen before. She's helped my daughter with assignments, scheduling, performance anxiety, social skills, and even future planning. My daughter would not be where she is now if we had not hired Lauren. Her background of psychology, education, and years of counseling high school students shows through in everything she does. Yet it's the fact that Lauren goes the extra mile because she cares so much for youth that is most impressive. I would recommend her above and beyond anyone else I know, and you should, too!" - Kathy (Client Parent)

"Lauren Eckert changed our lives dramatically. My son and I were fighting over homework on a daily basis. When we finally got the EF diagnosis and called her for help, it was our saving grace. She appealed to his technology side and after initial evaluation and face to face meetings, they began to Skype, text, and call each other's cell phones. That's certainly not your "old school" tutor!! Through Lauren's guidance, my son graduated to monitoring his own work by the end of senior year and how now graduated and is off to college in the fall. We would not have made it this far without Lauren. My son went from a B and C student to an A student. I have referred Lauren to many friends are they are all happy clients!" - Maura (Client Parent)

"We found Lauren through two separate educational professionals who think very highly of her work with students. Although our son was unsure about working with a coach this year, Lauren's personability and warmth made for an easy transition. We look forward to working with her again in the coming school year!" -Robin (Client Parent)

"We are very glad that our son has been working with Lauren. We have seen a definite improvement in his attitude about schoolwork and more of a commitment for getting the work done. Our prior cajoling him to work harder, etc., resulted in nothing, except rebellion. But the dynamic of working with someone not one of his parents, plus Lauren's knowledge of being able to provide him a framework of how and when to study for particular exams has been very helpful. While our son slides back to his old ways from time-to-time, overall it has been a step forward for him. He could not have taken that step forward without Lauren's help." -Joan (Client Parent)

"Lauren worked with two of our children this past year. Although they are very different from each other, Lauren was able to work well with both children to improve their academic performance and teach them strategies for becoming better and more independent students. I recommend her services highly." - Joe (Client Parent)