Organization and Executive Function Coaching for Employees: 

Executive function skills are needed to get things done! For employees who struggle with executive function, they may find it very difficult to be successful in their work place. Do you have an employee or group of employees who struggle to stay on task and keep organized? Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Difficulty maintaining an organized workspace
  • Arrives late to work and meetings
  • Struggles to get started on tasks and spends many additional unnecessary hours on assigned work
  • Ineffective and inefficient use of time and resources
  • Once started with work, has difficulty completing the tasks 
  • Challenges with interpersonal skills
  • Difficulty setting clear and concrete goals and struggles to achieve goals
  • Poor time management
  • Completes projects but loses them or forgets to give them to direct report
  • Struggles to break down large or long-term assignments, projects and tasks

Lauren works closely with companies and their employees to help them develop necessary strategies and skills for success in the work place. By helping the employee(s) develop an organization system that works for them, set concrete short and long-term goals, assess obstacles to their success, determine tools and skills needed for better efficiency and effectiveness, and collaborating with the team and employee's supervisors, Lauren has helped many individuals reach their full potential in the work place. Use the Contact section of this website to learn more about the services provided and how Lauren might be able to help your company. Sessions are designed to fit around your employee's schedule and can be done in-person (at the office), via Skype or call. Many clients receive a combination of all three methods throughout the week. Regular check-ins and follow-up is part of the key to success for building these skills.


Interested in hiring Lauren for your next professional development day? Take some time to look over some of her most popular professional development programs below. She also works closely with schools and companies to develop programs that work best for them. Let her know what types of concerns or topics you want addressed with your company, and she will work with you to develop an effective, engaging, and comprehensive program.  Lauren is also available for consulting sessions to talk through any challenges you may be experiencing regarding efficiency of employees, employee conflicts and well-being, and a wide variety of other concerns. She will work with you to take your company to the next level and ensure employee success. Fill out the form on the contact page to request more information. 

Work-Life Balance- Preventing employee burnout and spurring on efficiency and peace in the work environment. Although every good company hopes to have extremely dedicated employees, they also should desire their employees to have a good work-life balance. If work becomes their life, they will ultimately not perform effectively long-term. Helping individuals find that all important balance between their work demands, personal needs, and home life will create a happier, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable work environment. For schools, teachers are experiencing burnout at an increasingly high rate. Their passion drives them to put everything they have into their work and many struggle to find time for their own personal growth and life enjoyment. This comprehensive program will equip employees and teachers with the skills and mindset they need to draw a line between work and life leading them to be more productive and help ensure a brighter work climate for your company or school. 

A More Organized You- Finding an organization system that works for you. Organization does not just refer to the items one keeps on their desk. The skill of organization affects thinking strategies, tackling tasks throughout the week, and many other work-related tasks. Every individual must find an organization system that works for them. This hands-on workshop can be targeted to an individual, a small group of employees, or your entire company. Employees will leave this workshop with a better sense of how to organize their time, thoughts, space, and ultimately, find more enjoyment and productivity in their day. 

Differentiated Instruction and Personalized Learning in the Classroom- Working with teachers to understand their own learning style and how that impacts their teaching style. Discovering new strategies and approaches to reach all learners in the classroom. This interactive program will help ease the burden teachers feel about engaging the wide range of students in their classroom. Teachers will leave this program feeling excited, challenged, and adequately equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to reach every single student in their classroom. 

Break it Down Now- Coming Soon

Stress and What it's Costing You- Coming Soon